fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 3 released

fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 3 has been released for download with numerous feature enhancements, bugfixes and security fixes:

  • On Linux and OS X, the permissions of the fwbackups user directory are changed to prevent unauthorized access to stored passwords
  • On Linux and OS X, backing up files will now show the backup progress as well as the name of the current file being backed up.
  • Support for restore operations from remote folders (note: file permissions are not preserved)
  • Fixed a problem that would cause backups to hang on Debian-based Linux distributions if the print a list of installed packages to a file option was enabled
  • Fixed a problem where failing backup operations could cause fwbackups to hang on exit
  • Fix a problem which caused one-time backups to fail in 1.43.3 release candidate 2

audio-convert-mod 3.46.0a released

The lastest version of audio-convert-mod, version 3.46.0a, has been released! It includes many bugfixes as well as some new features:

  • A new, more stable tagging system implemented in Python using mutagen
  • Support audio resampling (in advanced options)
  • A less cluttered UI thanks to the advanced options step in the conversion wizard
  • Fixed a problem where selecting "Skip file" in the options would result in no files being encoded
  • Fixed several encode/decode/tagging capability detection bugs
  • Fix a regression that made users unable to browse for a specific folder in the conversion settings

You can visit the project page for more information, or go straight to the downloads.

Git repository for audio-convert-mod

audio-convert-mod, like fwbackups, has now moved to a public git repository at GitHub! You can have a look at the GitHub project page here.

Updates to audio-convert-mod and fwbackups are coming soon, as 1.43.3 is nearing stability and audio-convert-mod will be released with a simpler interface, two new features and a more robust, pure-python metadata reading/writing system using Mutagen.

fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 2

fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 2 is now ready for download. It includes initial support for Apple's OS X operating system and various improvements including:

  • Better error handling while performing multi-threaded operations
  • Backing up to a remote server using the rsync engine no longer copies the files locally first, and uploads them directly to the server instead
  • Old backups on remotes server are now cleaned
  • Fixed a bug which occurred if /etc/crontab did not exist

For downloads, see the fwbackups project page.

Public git repository for fwbackups

A public git repository for fwbackups is now available on github! If you'd like to grab a copy of the current repository, just run:

git clone git://

If you are interested in seeing what's coming soon, you can view the C++ rewrite by switching to the 'cplusplus' branch.


fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 1

fwbackups 1.43.3 (release candidate 1) has been released. It includes many bugfixes, many of which dealing with restores and the way fwbackups deals with remote servers. Some of the notable changes/fixes are:

  • Quotations are escaped in the crontab
  • Restores can be cancelled and display the current file is displayed for the tar* engines
  • Support has been added for restores with remote sources
  • Saved passwords are obscured and no longer stored plaintext

For downloads, see the fwbackups project page.

Development of fwbackups 1.44 underway

The development of the new C++ branch of fwbackups, version 1.44, is well underway. It will include some exciting new features such as:

  • Support for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  • A QT-based interface
  • A graphical interface that is easier to use than ever before
  • Additional command-line backup and restore configuration utilities
  • Incremental, differential, full backup and clone copy modes
  • A new data recovery tool for damaged disks
  • An advanced rsync-based algorithm which makes remote transfers highly efficient

New website section online!

Diffingo's new open source website section is now online! Public git repositories and a trac installations will be online soon. Thank you for your patientience!

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